It’s usually not till Time Change in October, that I start going on about day length and its effect on our spirits. But August is none too soon.

Even the quality of the early barn light has changed.

The Earth is not a perfect sphere, being slightly flattened in the Northern Hemisphere. This gives us two lovely months from June to August when the days dwindle only a second or two at a time. But that also means a sudden shift in early August, as our view of the Sun’s path reaches the southern limit of that flattened segment. Tomorrow will drop by 2 minutes and ten seconds. We will miss them.

Bread better be baked early, or not at all.

It’s not just the amount of light to get things done, it’s mood and judgment. Assume, safely, that it’s not a time to start risky projects or make big plans. But (Public Service Announcement from Friendly Know-It All), neither is it the time to give way to doubt, misgivings and discouragement.

Just as when we wake in the middle of the night, everything seems gloomier than in the day, the same way in late Summer, our lower serotonin levels can trigger apathy, futility or even resentment of our daily burdens.

Garden disappointments accumulate: it’s easy to say “Let the weeds take it.

Devastated by heat and insects, pulled to burn, early Squash leaves a last small harvest

But the new rows are ready…

… and the new seedlings are  in!

Oddly enough, or maybe not, this strenuous but spare way of life provides several trusty antidotes. Physical work itself is said to combat depression: or is depression a malady of idleness? If we remain obligated to the land and lives under our care, the issue is moot.

The chiles were blooming, but under siege from weeds…

… now they’re free to grow!

Not focussed on acquisition of stuff, we look forward  to an unfailing reward in the constant renewal of living things. As Trillium’s and Jonquil’s milk yield decreases, breeding season is on us, and next year’s  babies are in mind.

Ride it out and have faith. The Earth keeps turning and life is constantly revived. Time to milk!

Jonquil replaced her late sister Hyacinth as second milk goat: tractable and productive.

Planning for a good supply of Cajeta, till next milking season

Time to live!