*You will have noticed that I rarely resist taking a swing at Wall Street.

Last Fall, my buck of 3 seasons, Nobel, departed for Larry & Genia’s Windhover Farm, where he has already produced one successful kid crop. By the time his replacement, Spock, from Sue at Little Rock Farm, arrived, all 9 breeding-age does were covered.

Not a month ago, I was mulling over the problem of maintaining a buck year round, for a few weeks’ work. Sometime in Winter, when he got out of his pen, I was in less than a hurry to corral him again, reasoning that the big does were bred, and weanlings Zinnia and Lilly were “probably thru cycling for the season.” ( My practice is not to let young does breed till they’re a full year old to insure that they’ll get their growth, have sturdy kids and fewer birthing problems.)

Yeah right. In mid-April, Lilly started developing her udder.  Apparently she was bred, a few weeks shy of her first birthday, Dec 27. Even at birth, though, she was something of a moose, being Columbine’s daughter and Nightshade’s granddaughter (by a very forward buck kid of Night’s) and therefore showing Boer muscle on a big-boned Alpine frame. She’s close to her mother’s size now, so not much worry about her growth – despite now having twins to nurse!!

Okay, okay, you want pictures! So I have to say sorry about the slow posting lately. The digital camera is still down for repair (does someone out there need a small-business enterprise suggestion?) and my Smartphone takes nice pictures but so far, refuses to transfer them to the PC. And since I would rather gargle dirt than go stand in line at the phone store, a big Thanks to Julie for getting her Smarterphone to email me my own images.

Oh, their handles? Choc and Roc – “Chocolate” and “Rocky Road.” Think they’re “a fair and reasonable bonus” for keeping a buck year-round? Another bonus: without waiting till Winter for the results of the next breeding season, Spock’s fertility is confirmed. And my flock’s stats for the breeding season stand at 20/25, or 20% loss:  so it’s Lilly who really deserves the bonus!