No, trips to the barn don’t leave a lot of gardening time. Yes, the goats are fine. (Kids = still 18)

Some Winter, huh? People ask, “Do you believe in global warming?” as if it were a doctrine. It’s not, it’s science, which means it’s based on evidence, which may or may not be complete, or correct, and future science may find contrary evidence.

For now, I accept scientific evidence (including my own observations) that climate is changing. Whether it is due to human activity, you can debate. But what to do if it is (reduced consumption,  sustainable farming practices, and use less fossil fuel and more muscle power) are all things that make sense anyway. And those trying to persuade us we don’t need to do those things, stand to profit if we don’t. Which calls for skepticism.

Regardless: if all were implemented today, none would make a difference anytime soon, out here. (Already doing the sustainable-farming part) So nothing is left but to deal with it.

For example,

A 12- month work year means tilling in January


... a ten-month growing season means starting tomato seedlings in February


...drastic weather changes mean worrying about Garlic in cold weather, or warm


...flexibility means growing (and marketing) more Winter-harvest veg's

And, uncertainty means paying attention – observation, recording, experimentation, adaptation – in short, science. Wonder if the first real scientist wasn’t a farmer? Debate that.