Title from Robert Frost’s “The Pasture.”

Look it up: 8 lines that are all-encompassing.

Yesterday afternoon, after 3 hours’ frantic search of every pasture and woods the goats have ever wandered, I found Nightshade, and  beautiful, healthy newborn twin doe kids, in a gully down in the woods behind the barn.

Now all are  safe.

    She had signs of impending labor in the morning, so I spent some time making her a kidding pen in one of the horse stalls (both goat stalls being a bit crowded right now.) I meant to pen her in when she came up from browsing. But when the flock came up at noon, she wasn’t with them!
Grateful good wishes to Genia, for persuading me (contrary to my worst fears – she’s fighting coyotes –  she’s been stolen – she’s in breech labor) “Nah – she’s most likely down somewhere having her kids, cleaning them and nursing them.” And to Mary, for helping me (despite fears – she’s bled out – she’ll lose her kids – I’ll lose her) to focus on what I could do for her: backpack, water bottle, OB kit, prayer.  And to both, for reminding me to think outside of what goats will & won’t do, giving me heart to start another trek, 5 minutes into which…
She had taken the one direction I hadn’t looked.  A line of blackberry bushes along the hayfield behind the barn  drops off into scrub woods and a gully.  I turned right, instead of straight on the ridge, struggled thru the canes, looked down and saw white. Thought, “Oh – that’s just a plastic bag  –  foam cooler – float tray – but I knew. All’s well that ends well. The kids were dry & standing. She was hungry and thirsty, and came along happily as I carried them thru the brambles and up the long hill.
In the years since she came (November 07) she hasn’t had a doe kid that I managed to save…
Finally, I feel as if I have done well by her. She has 2 daughters of her own, who will stay here with her. Besides Flock Leader and Watchgoat, she is a fine milker, already supplying extra to augment the quads’ feeding. So there is every hope her daughters may be too.