Thanks for the many congratulations, and expressions of sympathy for the lost kids. A quick update to show you how fast the firstborn 9 are progressing, and how the quads are coming along.
We had our first panic/adventure today, too. The minute the rain stopped, the does headed down the hill to browse. When they reappeared in the driveway (having found a new exit route on the North fence line) Jonquil had one kid in tow. Figured she had left the other two in the stall, where Columbine was watching hers and Hy’s. (What do they do, roll dice for who stays in with the brats?) Nope.

So, my first trek of the year thru muddy, tangled woods, and somehow, right to the spot where she had them bedded down under a big multiflora. After lugging them back up the long hill to the barn, I am happy to inform you that these two are putting on weight nicely. At least it wasn’t wet snow, like last January, when she left Curly and Ivy out in the woods.

Still waiting for Nightshade, Rap, and Trillium who isn’t due till late Feb. You’ll get the word!