Just going thru some unusual plant images, both from this Winter and last year. One thing these have in common: all are edible.

A little-known aspect to edible wild plants, but not surprising: most are kin to our cultivated species. An even lesser-known aspect, to the point where you probably won’t read it anywhere but here: altho goats have the name of eating everything, a herd that has access to diverse vegetation (NB that’s a kind way of saying “neglected pastures) are notably choosy. To the point of butting their herd sisters away from some of the choice species. And most of these, such as the wild mustards, are kin to human food plants!

How to explain the symmetry between their preferences and ours: goats are the earliest domesticated grazing animal, and come from the same region (Central Asia) as the great majority of our crop species. So we share a botanical heritage with them.

Corollary: you think this explains the compatibility of both goat meat and goat milk to human digestion? Hmmm.