Rap & Lefty will have their first kids early next year, probably single births

So you don’t have to click back thru ancient posts after kidding starts, to see which does are which, I took advantage of a sunny evening to just hang out with them a while and get some new images.

Hyacinth & Jonquil, twins, with 8 kids in 2 seasons: maybe 5 more on the way?

4-year-old does from a set of triplets, Edie(right) & Aggie, mother of Hyacinth & Jonquil

Her problem history bears close watch, but my beautiful British Alpine flock leader is in good flesh, and it looks like twins!

Trillium has been turned dry and is picking up flesh after her triplets. Columbine, behind her, is always well-nourished and reliably bears twins.

About why the yearlings don’t have botanical names like the rest: the smaller of the two, before they were named, used to doze off, or get absorbed in her browsing or cudding, and then panic when the rest of the herd, including her sister, went down over the hill without her.  So, “Raptured” and “Left Behind.”