Change always happens faster than you think, and this week Buford, the new buck, left for yet another destination, the Scott County farm of a friend, Eddie, who has use for him and facilities to contain him. Not to mention the upper-body strength to get him into a truck. A fine buck, Buford, but beyond my ability to handle. Thanks to Eddie, RK  & Karen, both  Steve’s (urban and rural), Jess and John, for all the help while he was here.
And welcome/good luck to his replacement, friendly, biddable Spock, one of two weanlings I bought as feeders from Buford’s owner. The larger of the two went to the planned destination Wednesday. But Spock, who weighs all of 60 lb, will spend the time before next breeding season getting used to halter, collar, lead, being “laid down” once a day so he knows who’s in charge, and accepting the confines of the re-reinforced buck pen.
I celebrated getting all this settled on and carried out, with a long walk in the woods.  During which it struck me that while long scenic vistas of trees in color may make good calendar illustrations, there’s a lot of quiet beauty to be seen from Spock’s level.