Well, after 3 weeks of “Just Us Girls” – Nobel having departed for a full life at Windhover (27 does to cover) (all right, guys…) the new buck, Buford, is in residence. And the learning curve takes another steep pitch. He was out in pasture with the does at his old farm, and altho he’s mild mannered, he did not take kindly to Nobel’s small pen, after 2 or 3 days in which he managed to strip every leaf that had grown back. And the reinforced fence (which Nobel couldn’t climb as a minus-yearling, thus forgot to try) didn’t stop Buford, a coming 2-year old, for long.

Plan B! He is in pasture with the does, who are already bred and paying him not one particle of attention. He’s consoling himself with more diverse browsing than he’d ever seen. But the poor little weanlings, Lily and Zinnia, who won’t be bred till they’re full yearling, have to be shut away from him in the kidding stall.

Lily always has been loud. As a 2-month-old, back when the does were trooping thru the snowy woods and accidentally leaving one or another of the triplets behind, Lily showed leadership in yelling till I trudged out and hauled them back. She’s still “showing leadership,” the minute the flock drifts away from the barn, by bleating shrilly nonstop till I come to check that she’s not caught in the hay net, out of water from turning over her bucket, or being boiled in oil.  
Plan B- 2 is to re-reinforce the buck pen, and get Buford back into it in a month or so, so he doesn’t plague the does unmercifully once their unwieldy bellies and udders develop. (Bucks have trouble distinguishing the pheromones of imminent birth from those of receptivity.) (Hell, bucks have trouble distinguishing anything from receptivity.)
After plentiful rain filled the storage tanks, you can see that we’re blessed with a green October. Sunny days are letting the grass catch up. Gardens are still fruitful, where they aren’t being readied for Winter or Spring. And a new header starts you off on tree color, with more to come.