Week July 10 – HOT
Sunday – Greenhouse – grill goat ribs – Potluck @ Vick’s
Mon – weed squash – sow beans, Fall greens
Tues – early – clean goat stalls – re-till M-1, set parsnips, celer, sweet p’s
Wed: Rake rows, sow radishes – Pam to weed T-1 – till – rake rows
Thurs: work on mower – mow??? !!!-  till M- 6- spread manure
Fri – Market prep

And remember, 6A and 6P – milk; then every AM – pick Squash, and Wed-Thur-Fri PM – pick Squash Blossoms

That does it: Zucchini is my favorite vegetable! Besides blossoms and fritters, 3 small tender ones, sauteed, some pasta, Feta, and salad = supper.

Thanks to Hyacinth and Trillium, there’s a full gallon jar of Feta in brine, in the breezeway fridge. Suppose I could get a cheese press and try homemade Cheddar, Gouda or Jack cheese. But there are limits to home based temperature control and cultures. So, rather than a “passable” Cheddar, the goats’ milk makes outstanding soft Chevre, Neufchatel (it’s just molded chevre) fresh curd and Feta.