…and a kindly hint for those of you (and we love you dearly!) who shop Farmers Markets and not only buy, but take an interest in our operations: here goes:

Do not, repeat not, say “Bet your garden is loving all this rain!” This fact cannot be overemphasized: there is such a thing as too much rain, especially at this time of year. Some plants (parsley is way up there) do not root well in very wet soil: some do not thrive without sunshine, which is in short supply in rainy weather: and last, it’s just hard to get things done. Wet soil is cold: some seedlings can’t even be set, and excessive rain will compact the soil and compromise their growth. So, once again,  there can be too much rain. And if there is, we’d rather not be reminded ;-)

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Week April 10: Sunday – Bonnie to work: worm goats, weigh kids,
Monday – set Bok Choy, Tronchuda
Tues – Mother’s rain – repot Basil – sow parsnips – FM meeting 7p
Wed – Thur – Steve, fence
Fri – Mother
Sat – Rain, greenhouse

This year I have been fortunate to have more hands, sometimes, than I can use! Willing helpers like Bonnie, Colleen and Kayla make me feel obligated to plan, and use, the time well. And there are days when it’s hard to do that even for myself.

This all to say, Wed/Thur were two of the most productive days so far this year. And heartfelt thanks to Steve, not for only the work itself, but for patient scrambling thru vines and brambles to find the spots that required “goat-proofing,” for cheerfully interrupting his work to help with rounding them up, and as always, for the sharp, but kindly eye that produces these striking farm images:

Not that there’s any real comparison, but here’s some idea of what we accomplished…

Shiny new clips support serviceable old woven wire...


... a good 200 ft stretch of solidly goat-proof fence...

... and some of the ancient locust trees we had to free the fence from.

 Tired yet? Yeah, so were we. To help you relax, here – a few Spring images from this part of the woods.

Boxelder trees always seem to be wearing jewelry


Red Creeper color hints of Fall

Wild cherry, glad for sunshine