Oh no. All I have to say about that is at
Except (there’s always except) you are free to defend, justify & cope with time change any way you like: just be aware of the physiological issues.

Week Mar 13
Sun: finish lath house – set out snap peas – clear table
Mon: Josh & Bri (fence)- (PM) & Leslie – tamales
Tues: till M-6 ? – 7? Rain – taxes
Wed: Sow T-123 arugula
Thurs: Haircut – mulch to M-8 – tomato holes

1200 Snap Pea seedlings enjoy their first real sunlight

Another week before they go in actual dirt.  (M-6&7 are sections of the Main garden, a long rectangle divided into square plots to make the Rocket Science crop rotation plan easier to manage). (So T=Terraces)

Last week’s rain did cost me several days’ work as well as delay tilling by another week or so. But on the theory that if you curse rain it may go away and not be there when you need it, I went out and found 6 positive things to say about it.

I missed my City friends’ 5th Annual Tamale Party this year with weather & kidding.  So 4 of us got together and made enough to enjoy a few (withMargaritas!) and take some home.  The recipe is in Zarela Martinez’ Food From My Heart, the best Mexican cookbook ever.

NB: these are traditional Tamales con Chile Colorado, made with pork shoulder, pork broth & lard. You want Vegan tamales, go for it: just don’t ask me how. (Private joke)

The rest of the week is going well. Josh & Bri helped find a new Goat Secret Exit, and secure it, as well as prying out a big bunch of railroad timbers to use on the Horse Pasture (soon to be a Goat Pasture, I hope.)

They are using no-till gardening, which means a lot more than it does in agribusiness, where it involves “burning down” a field of weeds with Roundup and then drilling in genetically modified seed.

Organics is attacked for requiring tillage: weedkillers are defended for their benefits against soil erosion. Hunh! Organics also requires mulch, and you’d have to see my garden in a spell of heavy rain to realize that runoff is not a problem. Trenching and sod driveways between the plots keep the rain soaking, not draining, into subsoil where it will be when it’s needed.

So, these young people made me think, and this year’s Basil will be no-till. Tomorrow I’ll put up some more garden pics. Note I changed a Category to “Garden Progress” rather than “…Advice.”  We are all learners, we are all bound on the Wheel of Life and no two years are alike. All I can tell you is what has worked (or not) for me.