Week Feb 27Sun: Aggie due – sow greens – make tortillas & soup – TAXES
Mon: Rain, cold – greenhouse – escarole- bok choy – tronchuda – Aggie due – clean stalls, manure to basil beds
Tues: Bank – to Leslie’s – Aggie due Twins, D&KsDW – sow greens out
Wed: SUN? start terraces – sow herbs (cil, dil, cher)
Thurs: Worm Hill  – make granola –
Fri – bank – feed – laundry –
Sat – Bonnie

Back in 1996, when our Southern Rwy neighbors rebuilt the bridge out here, I used some of the scrap timbers they left, to terrace an inaccessible, hard-to-mow section of yard. Behind the old garden shed (gone now – Thanks David & Todd wherever you are!) it was sheltered from prevailing winds, caught early sun and drained well. Among other things, it raised the best  Basil crop for the space, ever. Then it fell victim to teaching, family change, other projects….

Every couple years I would lop the small trees, cultivate out the quackgrass and sow something – arugula, cilantro, dill, the cool-weather herbs you never have enough of. This year, one of my most tireless friend/workers was telling me about her worm compost bins, and offered to help get me started with some. Puzzling over where to put them, I thought of this poorly used space.

Her idea has not only given me a good reason to get the ground back in shape, it’s given it a name!

The trench beds were gonna be watercress, or something...think the worms will be happy there!


Cleared of brush, ready for sowing

A stout, but somewhat leaky water trough makes a good compost bin for refuse cleared from the terraces, and a whole Winter's grass thatched from the hillside.

NB – Since Bonnie has been kind/brave enough to volunteer to work Saturday and Sunday, I’m not going to intimidate her by listing what we hope to accomplish those days! If we get 1/3 done, it will be fantastic.