Not much to tell, really. Aggie 17 and Edie 27, triplet sisters, had better weather by about 20 degrees than Columbine, Hyacinth & Jonquil.*
But Edie’s delivery was equally easy – at least, since I got to see it, as easy as I assume the first 3 were. So all you need are visuals.

Edie has pawed a nice nest in some fresh straw, and strains silently with a contraction.


I wanted a shot of the amniotic sac, but this kid was out in 2 pushes!

The big, lively buck kid finds a teat and gets its first warm meal. Edie lowers her head, feeling another contraction - it's twins!


The doe kid is out as fast as its twin, still encased in amniotic sac.


The fine twins are nursing and Edie gets a half gallon of tonic inside her in about 15 seconds. A fast worker all around!

It’s Monday and Aggie is up in the birthing stall with Edie and her little ones. Her due date is today: check soon for an update!