Took a break from griping about weather, thereby allowing you a break from hearing about it. Celebrated the Big Thaw of February ’11 by posting a new header: same bridge, sun on melted snow. A symbol – icon? of this life: being on a loop from US 25 (invisible a few yards beyond) affords me precious solitude, but the bridge recalls the arrival and departure of family, friends and workers, so it’s also a connection.

It’s 59 degrees at 6:18 AM, and thanks are called for, because this spell of weather (which would have been great even in March or April) has been glorious for February, when so much remains undone from the past 3 months. The goats can get out and browse, and the horses are turned in the big hayfield where the grass is coming back thanks to September’s bushhogging.

But more thanks are due, and here they are.

Thanks Steve, for all your carpentry work to make the birthing stall secure and snug on a raw, windy day, for helpless newborns like these.

Thanks me, remembered to get a Before pic of the Small lath house. Update in 2 weeks maybe?


Thanks Bonnie, for a looong day of cleaning goat stalls for the next round of kidding. (Note Border Collie for scale ;-)

Thanks Colleen, for that warm October Sunday now recalled by shoots of Spanish Roja garlic, freed from their protecting mulch and greening up in the early sunshine.

Thanks Briana, for the cleared, cleaned, straightened and reinforced Big lath house, space and protection for hundreds more seedlings now sprouting under lights! (Forgot to get a Before pic – darn!)