The BofE method was pretty well shot this week. Colleeen & I did get the goats wormed Sunday, amid much hilarity. From there on out, wind, weather and Thanksgiving pretty much scrambled the list. Just a thought, brought to mind by goat-worming, but inspired by a windy day last Winter. Friends often hear mention of how many farm jobs are 3-handed. Not 4, just 3.
Grab goat by collar…pry open lower jaw…reach for syringe… syringe? Dang it, where’s my third hand? Or, Pull fence tight…set clip around T-post…reach for pliers…pliers?? Dang it…
So, in thanks and honor to the many who have offered the 3rd (and 4th) hand on occasion, over the years (you all know who you are!!)

Another pair of hands

The row cover has dried in the 20-degree sunshine,
And its stiffness gives to handling.
It extends, bellies in the wind, and
(as I stand to windward of the plot)
Spreads out across the chard – neat!
But, as I bend to rock down the nearest corner,
Flips back and rolls itself
Into a ropy line.

So I rock this corner,
Then sidle along the row, catch the far end,
Straighten and wait for it to untwist and float free.
But the wind is down by now. Of course.

So I shake to flatten it. Rock it down.
Then as I reach and lift the next corner,
It’s up again, the wind, waaay up, and the row cover
Inflates and flips again, this time freeing
The first corner from the first rock.

Note to self: get bigger rocks.

I miss you.