Mornings (at least when they’re pitch-dark) are my Blog time, and in reality I am this really annoying morning person – cheerful, talkative, energetic, full of theories, suggestions and helpful comments. (“Nan! Just shut up and make the coffee!” )
I am the Grower for Shady Grove Farm, 100 acres in southern Northern Kentucky. Altho it is mostly rolling, covered by woods and pastures, there is just enough flat land for gardening, to support a small business growing herbs and specialty vegetables for a Farmers Market.
Besides the garden, there are 3 horses & currently 10 goats: 4 Boer, 5 Boer x Togg, 1 British Alpine. They supply kids to be raised for meat and the Alpine gives great milk for cheese. Just now it’s breeding season: kidding will take place in Feb/Mar.
After gardening and goats, my love is wild plants. When there is spare time, and sometimes when there isn’t, I walk the woods & fields, finding new species and gathering what might be used. Counting game animals, my land supports some 50 edible species, and more than 200 plants of known herbal use.
After wild plants, and when weather keeps me indoors (rare event), I am learning to spin and weave. But there are many more qualified to tell you about that.
My family are scattered: my only brother died in 2006, one sister, and my mother, age 98, in Ohio, one in Florida, one in California. Fortunately my daughter, Jess, after 18 years in New York City, came to live at the farm in 2005.
When I graduated college with a major in Philosophy, friends wisecracked, “What will you do with that? Think?” Farming (which I went to full-time in 1996) is the job that allows me to do that, as well as furnishing plenty to think about. It sometimes seems my job in life is to point out connections between issues that are often debated in isolation, E.g. farm policy and health care. I hope you enjoy reading some of my thoughts and adding your own.